Preschool Programs

High Touch High Tech continues to nurture budding young minds with our amazing programs magnificently designed for the preschool age child. These programs are totally hands-on and follow an engaging S.T.E.A.M. based curriculum. Engaging and exciting programming for special needs children also available.

High Touch High Tech scientists will be at your preschool engaging each group of children in hands-on FUN science experiments. Program length will be 20-30 minutes per group, depending on age.

We come to your school every month from August to May and follow our monthly schedule or you may select any program. Every child will have a "take-home" as well as a science certificate.


•Program fees start at $225.00 per visit
Travel Fee: $40.00 to South Broward County, Martin County, and Belle Glade area schools.

2019-2020 Preschool Program Line-Up:

AUGUST - Magnifying Madness© Learn all about what a real scientist does. Use a magnifying tool to observe insects, spiders, ocean life and real treasures. Take home your very own magnifying glass.

SEPTEMBER - Let's Make Sense© Discover the amazing science of our senses. We will touch heat sensitive color-changing pads, use tuning forks to explore the science of sound and vibrations and take home our own color-changing paper!

OCTOBER - Spooky Spiders© Let's "creepy crawl" together and explore the spooky world of our 8-legged friends. Learn why these incredible creatures are so important. We'll be making gooey "Spider Slime" to keep.

NOVEMBER - Primarily Plants© Discover the amazing world of plants. Have FUN as we check out all types of amazing seeds. Explore the baby plant that hides in every seed. Make your own greenhouse to keep.

DECEMBER - Me & My Magnet© Discover how much FUN a magnet can be. Uncover all the attractive facts as we go on a "fishing" expedition. Take home your very own magnet.

JANUARY - Arctic Antics© Are you into Intuits like we are? Go north of the Arctic Circle as we learn how Polar Animals keep warm. We’ll even get to play in the snow and make a Polar Bear Habitat to keep!

FEBRUARY - Germs Make Me Sick© Learn about all those nasty little germs that make us sick. Find out how easily germs can be passed around. Make your own "Germ Garden".

MARCH - Bubble Blast© Discover rainbows and ROY G. BIV. Experience the power of water as we have molecule races and learn all about mixing colors. Have a blast with bubbles as we refract light and look for rainbows in our bubbles!

APRIL - Zoom to the Moon© Blast off your very own rocket ship as we explore space travel. Journey through the Cosmos, as we make glow-in-the-dark Space Mud to keep.  

MAY - Birds of a Feather© Learn about our feathered friends as we discover the exciting world of flight! Learn about animal adaptation, observe a real Ostrich Egg and Bird’s Nest and take home your very own REAL bird’s feather.

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Science Programs for Kids


Motivate children to investigate the natural wonders of science!

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Science Programs for Kids


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