Attention Homeschool Parents:  WE COME TO YOU, In-Person or Virtual Visits

We are pleased to announce our hands-on science programs are now available to come to your Homeschool groups.

Virtual Science

Your students will become “real” Jr Scientists as we safely discover the world around us and learning how to problem solve while we conduct FUN experiments!

 In-Person or Virtually

Our full program guide is offered in-person with COVID-19 modifications and/or virtually, either through live Zoom/Google meetings or pre-recorded videos that you can conduct at your leisure.

Select from our extensive program catalog OR
We can work with your curriculum to customize our visits.


  • 15 minutes of “Open Exploration” STEM activities
  • 45 minutes of Hands-On STEM science related
  • All supplies and materials provided
  • We cater to unique learning styles

Recommended for students 4-12 years old.

Phone:  561.792.3785                             Email:

Science Programs for Kids


Stimulate children's imagination & curiosity for science!


Chemistry  Take the mystery out of chemistry and have FUN at the same time. Uncover the facts as we separate colors and make our own gooey, stretchy stuff to keep.

Coral Reefs Explore our amazing underwater world. Learn about our magnificent oceans as we discover the importance of coral reefs and make your very own reef to keep!

Gems  Step back in time to the days of the old prospectors as we search for real gems. Become a real geologist as we classify our stones. Take home an assortment of real beauties, maybe even gold!

Lifecycles Explore the lifecycles of several animals and create a beautiful Lifecycle of a Butterfly to keep. Have a Hands-On look at a real insect, a mealworm and observe its Lifecycle.

Light Discover rainbows and ROY G. BIV. Experience the Bending of Light as we have a blast with bubbles and observe refraction and see the many beautiful colors!

Magnets Learn about Attract and Repel as we investigate the forces behind magnets. Make your own magnet and have a FUN race!

Physics Discover Newton’s Laws of Motion as we “play” with spinners, eye poppers and Helicopters. Discover why “What goes up must come down!”

Plants Discover how cool plants really are. Learn all about what plants need to grow. Build your own greenhouse to keep and observe the amazing water cycle happen inside!

Volcanoes Become a Volcanologist and discover the Ring of Fire.  Explore the awesome world of volcanoes as we move magma. Get ready for explosive FUN and take home various volcanic rocks.




Science Programs for Kids


Investigate how fun and interesting science can be through hands-on learning!

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